King Athelstan - 924 ~ 2024


Talk: What was Warfare Like in Athelstan's Age - Paul Hill

Talk: What was Warfare Like in Athelstan's Age - Paul Hill

How was warfare conducted in England during the age of King Athelstan? Where were battles fought? How were campaigns managed? Could rulers even win without coming to battle? What was a shield wall? What about sieges, logistics, naval actions, strategies, tactics, stratagems and ruses? These are just a few of the questions Paul will be trying to answer, supported by replicas and illustrations and examples. Expect stories of triumph, tragedy and rebellion. Paul is an author, lecturer and expert on Anglo-Saxon and Medieval warfare and history and has been journeying into the wars, betrayals and personal battles which make the past so gripping and fascinating for over 20 years. His latest book is ‘The Fortress Kingdom - The Wars of Æthelflæd & Edward the Elder’, who just happen to be Athestan’s Aunt and his Dad!

Event Information

Event Date 19th July 2024 @ 7:30pm
Event End Date 19th July 2024
Capacity 110
Registered 57
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Individual Price £10.00
Location Malmesbury Town Hall