King Athelstan - 924 ~ 2024


The Athelstan 1100 Pop Up Cinema (3)

The Athelstan 1100 Pop Up Cinema (3)

Five super short films inspired by Athelstan 1100. We've been working with Miranda Shirnia and the Malmebury Natural History Group and students from Boom Satsuma film school. Total running time 40 minutes.


Finding Athelstan: A delightful drama filmed in Malmesbury's historic Courthouse. William of Mlamesbury, librarian at Malmesbury Abbey and the leading historian of his age, tells Athelstan's story to a young Abbey servant.

A Walk in Malmesbury in the Year 924: A delightful film writtena and narrated by Miranda Shirnia describing the flora and fauna in and around Malmesbury in the year 924 and how it compares to what we see today. Why 924? It is 1100 years ago since Athelstan, who had special relationship and who chose to be buried in Malmesbury, became king.

The Life and History of Athelstan: Malmesbury based author and historian Tony McAleavy introduces Athelstan in this super illustrated film.

Athelstan and Malmesbury - the Lasting Bond: Local historian Anne Goodyer illustrates the continuing presence of Athelstan in Malmesbury.

The Making of 'Athelstan - A United Kingdom': Meet the team behind the superb new production packing out the Abbey.

Event Information

Event Date 21st July 2024 @ 2:00pm
Capacity 30
Registered 20
Available Place 10
Individual Price Free and Amazing!
Location Malmesbury Town Hall