King Athelstan - 924 ~ 2024


Hot Ticket News!

Hot Ticket News!

Hot ticket news!

Acclaimed historian Tom Holland is coming to Malmesbury on Sunday the 30th June to open the Athelstan Pilgrim Way and will be delivering a brand new talk ‘On the trail of the first king of England: Why Athelstan deserves pilgrims’ at 2:00pm. Tickets for his talk are on sale priced £10.00.

Tickets are now available for our great live performances at Malmesbury Abbey, ‘Oh! Athelstan’ on the 29th June and ‘Athelstan – A United Kingdom’ on the 13th and 14th July.

The tickets are priceless - but we are proud we are able to make these free to attend events. You must have a ticket to be admitted. Register now!

Athelstan to Aldi! Athelstan 1100 has inspired a collection of songs about Malmesbury’s townsfolk of yesteryear by the townsfolk of today. The launch of ‘Athelstan to Aldi’– a ‘Book Reading and Album Listening Party’ - is on Sunday 30th June at 7:30pm at the Town Hall. We also hear this may be the event debut of Athelstan Ale! This is another priceless Athelstan 1100 event we are proud is free to attend, but you must have a ticket to be admitted. Register now!